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My first chiropractic experience.

Wow. I have never heard so many cracks and pops at once! It felt amazing! When he asked me to tell him what brought me in I did (hurt myself while working out on Monday, there goes my motivation for step class!). I then went on to explain to him that I have been needing to see a chiropractor for years but I never had coverage before. I tried to explain to him how crooked my spine is and what the TMJ has done to my neck but apparently, he must hear that a lot cause he was in shock when he saw my x-rays. Lol.

With an ever so snarky-with-a-smile tone I said “I tried to tell you” and he said “nothing you could have said would have prepared me for this, I don’t know how you are not in constant pain”, to which I said “I am”, and he said “well, we’ve got our work cut out for us”. Yes we do doc!

Today he adjusted my back and neck and we set up some more appointments to continue with more adjustments and once that seems to be healed we are going to start correcting my spine. YAY! And they have massage therapy in office which my insurance covers that as well as long as it’s referred from my chiropractor so he said we will be doing that as well. Oh, that made my day!

I am so happy to be on my way to spinal correction after all these years of back problems, poor posture, pain, and constant headaches.

And on top of all that happiness, the office is super family friendly so having Jo tag along with me won’t be a problem at all.

I highly recommend this  if anyone is ever in the need for it. I’m in love!


The new additions to my life.

I’m sure that sounds like I’m referring to people. Maybe even pets. But no. What I’m referring to are two things my life has been lacking that I am bringing back with a vengeance. Tanning and exercise. Today I did a few pilates positions, squats, weights, registered for a step class and spray tanned. Looking in the mirror and feeling not-so-kind about my thighs and pale skin is so yesterday. Now, let’s see if I can keep up with the exercise.

Just rambling.

Well the swine flu came and went. The laundry was the worst part, well besides my sick loved ones of course. I am glad to be rid of it and the medicine I was forcing down my children’s throats as they gagged and tried to convince me they were better because they didn’t want to take it. And I’ll admit, it was bad stuff. Really awful. Once I learned to work it with spoonfuls of chocolate syrup it was at least doable. Still not fun but not as much gagging. Good riddance swine flu!

Trailer Choir “Rockin’ The Beer Gut”. Hmm. I hope I do not offend anyone with this rant. Oh wait. It’s my blog. I don’t have to care about offending anyone. This song really bothers me. First of all, as women, we all have a lil extra we suck in around the waist, especially if you’ve had kids. But that’s normal to an extent. An actual beer gut on a woman is unhealthy. The more weight you have, the more health risks you are prone to. To make a song that basically says it’s ok is, well, not ok with me. Can’t we use media as a way to encourage healthy lifestyles?

I’m excited for the rest of this month. This Friday is girls night out, Saturday I’m childless and have the house to myself, Sunday is the Hawks game, the following weekend brings a bday party I’m taking my kids too, then Savannah’s bday party since it had to be rescheduled. Then the following weekend is Halloween and Kristen’s party is going to be fabulous! Then taking my kid’s trick or treating will be so fun. I love to see the joy of in their eyes, so full of excitement. Especially Jo, she just gets so flippin excited over certain things. She has such a bubbly personality, I love sharing those moments with her. But the month after that is November, then December, then 2010. How in the world did that happen?!

Thanks for listening!

And we begin….

Welcome to my page.

Here you will find my blogs, my laughter, my tears.

Sometimes I write out of joy, sometimes out of frustration, and sometimes I can’t explain my writing even if I tried.

Feel free to leave your thoughts or let yourself be inspired. Life is too short to hold back. 

Happy reading.