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Goal # 60.

Jo and the tree she worked very hard on.

Every year I try and donate gifts to a local organization for the holidays. Once I discovered Hopelink’s program there was no way I was ever going to not do all I could to help them. Instead of having organizations adopt families, they simply collect whatever gifts they can. Then they set this big warehouse room up like a store and one by one, each parent in need gets a personal shopper and enters the room to “shop” for their children. This is an experience so many of these parents have never had the opportunity to experience. I think it’s such a great idea! The only downside is they have a hard time collecting gifts for the older children. So I always make the gifts I collect to be for older children. Things like journals, perfume, wallets, etc. This year I called Jo’s old daycare and asked if I could do it there, they welcomed it! So I decided it was time Jo learns about such things. She helped me make the ornaments with the gifts written on them, helped me put up the tree, and hung all the ornaments up (with the exception of the one’s I secretly moved around a bit). She had a great time and really understood the good work we were doing. It was so much fun!

If anyone is looking to donate to this cause, feel free to stop by Northlake Montessori located on Bothell Way and pick up an ornament and purchase the gift. Then return it to the school and place it under the tree unwrapped. Or you can drop off a gift of your choice as well.

Here are the pics we took so she always remembers the goodness of her heart.

The Holiday Giving Tree 2009Here you can see the types of gifts we collect.

Good Bye my 20’s!

I really enjoyed my 20’s. I experienced so much! I feel like it was a lifetime of experiences and opportunities. It’s sad to see them go. In my 20’s I learned how to be me. I became a mom, twice. I learned how to be girly as well as walk in high heels! I have had the best career opportunities and met so many wonderful people who taught me so much about life, children, parents, teaching, all of it. I feel so blessed. There was so much happening in my 20’s. In just this year alone I’ve became a full-time mom to Jo, bought a house, quit working, became a full-time mom to Sav and made the most amazing friends as well as strengthen my bonds with those who were already in my heart. It’s been quite a year! I grew up so much in my 20’s. My thoughts, values, opinions, morals, goals, wants, well you get the point. All of it. I was ever-changing. I forgave, I forgot. I hated and I loved. It was a wonderful decade. The best yet! I will miss my 20’s so much. It’s hard to let go of them. It’s going to take me some time to get into this whole new decade thing. I’ll get there. But I’m in no rush. Hey, maybe that means my 30’s are going to be more relaxed and slow-paced! Only time will tell I suppose.

And we begin.

Today is the first day of my goals. The most fun I had with it today was putting together the time capsule. I’m already excited to open it! One of my goals is to have a better relationship with my brother which normally would be a tad challenging since he lives in Reno. However, today he arrived via Horizon Airlines and is staying through Friday so I get to almost cheat on this one since I don’t have to make too much effort. It is hard though. I have a lot of grudges and resentment against him and I know he picks up on that. But it’s time I let it go. It’s not easy, but I’m feeling strong today and capable of doing this. We all visited for a bit and although there were quite a few awkward silences, it went pretty well. Looking over my goals I’m not quite sure where I am going to start but I’m excited to. I’ve been waiting for this. There have been a couple opportunities for me to work on my goals but I decline them. I really wanted to wait till today. The day I turn 30. So, let it begin.