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We are told as infants we are perfect. Strangers tell us, family tells us, and our parents tell us. It’s imbedded into our teeny tiny infant brains. As toddlers we are learning new obstacles of life not to mention walking, running, eating, talking, and playing. Of course while mastering these talents our sponge like brains are soaking in the words “you’re perfect” “how perfect” “isn’t he/she perfect?”. After that we become preschoolers and we are learning to go potty, color, use scissors, eat politely, and beginning reading. All of which are followed with “perfect!” (like we didn’t already know from the past 4 years of being told so). Then we start to head into our adolescent years and we are introduced to the term, “nobody’s perfect”. What?! Wait a sec….I’m not perfect??? This can be quite a shock for some. As you get older and go through your teens you fluctuate between telling the world it’s mistaken because you are indeed perfect and of course (since our hormones are raging like mad cow disease) we often feel quite the opposite. Then as adults we don’t even think about it anymore. It is now a fact that nobody’s perfect. We have long accepted this truth. So why is it we have days where it feels as though the world is slapping us in the face with failures as if it’s trying to remind us that we are not perfect? One mistake after another. All. Day. Long. Oh how I do not enjoy these days.

Prosess is essential.

I’m kickin butt and takin names with my goals! I love it! I had originally planned on updating as I went next to each goal for easier viewing pleasure. However, I have my pictures placed perfectly so if I write on that blog the pic’s won’t be aligned anymore and if you know me, well, yeah. That would not work towards my goal of gaining better control of my anxiety. So…..

#2-I have been seeing a chiropractor. He is amazing. I can’t say enough wonderful good things about him. Not just about the work he does, but him as a person. He really takes the time to get to know his patients and makes the experience a positive one. He even buys little toys for Jo (who can resist her?). My back is feeling good. He’s doing a lot to correct my neck and I will say I have had a lot less headaches. They are still there. But instead of daily it’s more like once or twice a week. I haven’t noticed a change in my posture but I’m working on it.

#26-Jo has her first dentist appointment tonight, yay! Yeah yeah yeah, kids are supposed to go as early as 1. But if you had met my child before this last year, you would understand why I have been putting it off. It’s not like it’s life or death. These teeth fall out anyways. Lol. But, she is no longer scared of people and no longer a fit throwing devil child. She is wonderful and perfect and I know she is going to do great!

#33-This only halfway counts because I didn’t do it…but…Sean took Savannah rock climbing this past weekend for her first time. She did great and she loved it! That is definitely age appropriate and Jo didn’t get to go. Sav felt really special and she even earned her “Adventure Sports” Girl Scouts badge! Thanks Sean!

#35-New chore lists have been made! Although we aren’t the best at following them. Although they do have to do chores each day, sometimes we don’t do the one’s on the list for this reason or that. Like Monday was ‘put away your laundry’ day but Sav was at GS from the time I pulled her out of school 10 minutes early until almost 6pm. Then she still had dinner and homework. But, 75% of the time the new lists are followed and we all know I love structure and order!

#41-I’ve been including my kids in dinner making. They love it! And they ask a lot of questions and luckily I can answer most of them because I don’t cook complicated things (or else I’d have lots of questions). They stir noodles, set the table, get me ingredients, put things away, flip meat, etc. They will be cooking me dinner in no time! 🙂

Look at Sav go!

#45-I’m not the best at this but I am trying. Even if it’s just randomly put in a text that I love them or think they are great, I’m trying to let those mushy feelings out and I think I’m doing pretty good!

#56-I hosted a Girls Night In. Jennifer came over and did Tupperware. Everyone brought canned goods for the VOA food bank. There were so many smiles and laughs, I had such a great time! And there was soooooo much food! When Jo and I brought it to the food bank they were so happy and thankful! There shelves were pretty much bare and when her and I were there we saw a lot of people trying to get food. I was so happy to help. Thank you everyone who came and made it a success! We also had our first Brunch Club this past November. It was a hit! Our next is in January but I can’t take credit for it, nor do I need to. I’m just thankful to have bonding time with my gal pals. The older I get the more I realize how badly I need them all in my life forever and ever!

#90-I made a time capsule on my 30th birthday. That very day. It was so fun to do and I already want to open it!

#93-Although I want to read the whole series, I started with the last book. Lol. I just couldn’t wait to find out how it all played out and OMG I’m so glad I read it! It was mind-blowing!!!!! But I will say it’s hard to start at the beginning now that I know the end. Lol.

That’s all for now. I find the ongoing one’s to be a little bit easier. And I’m excited that one of my goals is to buy a new pair of shoes each month for 2010! Life is good.