Monthly Archives: December 2009


We are told as infants we are perfect. Strangers tell us, our family tells us, and our parents tell us. It’s embedded into our teeny tiny infant brains. As toddlers, we are learning new obstacles of life not to mention walking, running, eating, talking, and playing. Of course while mastering these talents our sponge like brains are soaking in the words “you’re perfect” “how perfect” “isn’t he/she perfect?”. After that we become preschoolers and we are learning to go potty, color, use scissors, eat politely, and beginning reading. All of which are followed with “perfect!” (like we didn’t already know from the past 4 years of being told so). Then we start to head into our adolescent years and we are introduced to the term, “nobody’s perfect”. What?! Wait a sec….I’m not perfect??? This can be quite a shock for some. As you get older and go through your teens you fluctuate between telling the world it’s mistaken because you are indeed perfect and of course (since our hormones are raging like mad cow disease) we often feel quite the opposite. Then as adults, we don’t even think about it anymore. It is now a fact that nobody’s perfect. We have long accepted this truth.

Riddle me this… why is it we have days where it feels as though the world is slapping us in the face with failures as if it’s trying to remind us that we are not perfect? One mistake after another. All. Day. Long. How, in these moments, can we remember that nobody is perfect?