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Ever have something to say…but you can’t quite get it off the tip of your tongue? For me it tastes like rain, with the perfect amount of powered sugar. So I leave you with this analogy I recently heard instead….however I warn you… might not taste as sweet, but for me at least, I found it to be just about as filling, and when I read it, it felt like a hug.

A guy goes to a doctor and says “Doctor, I feel sad and depressed. Life hardly seems worth living and just getting out of bed is a chore”. The doctor says “I know just what you need. The great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go to the show and he’s guaranteed to make you laugh”. And with tears in his eyes the man looks up and says “But doctor…I am Pagliacci”.

Sometimes, mixed in-between the moments of heartache, fear, confusion, and loneliness, there’s a glimmer of knowing that in the end, it will all be just fine.

Long overdue….

An update of my goals….
#5- Water. Ew. Don’t like. Body requires. Doing it. Missing soda.
#37- Sav is officially in softball. Blue Angles in Mukilteo. She can’t run, slide, or bat. Although my goodness the kid can catch! She had a fantastic time and seemed to really take pleasure in being a part of a team. I enjoyed watching her give it her all and cheering (as quietly as a proud mom can) from the stands.
#49- This one’s a work in progress. Building a stronger and healthier  relationship with my brother isn’t as imperative to me as I wish it was. Nevertheless I am trying. I talk to him, hug him, and help him when I can (as I did today). With any luck there will come a day where it comes a little more natural.
 #92- Randomly I’ve been throwing out some of my fave words. No one’s really looked at me like I’m fanatical or senseless therefore this appears to be going splendidly. And that’s no tarradiddle.
♥Well, that’s all for now….thanks for listening!♥

And the irritation of the idiosyncrasies in our society set in…..

How is it that, for Brett and I to attend marriage counseling I can find someone to perform the sessions, twice a month, at $65 a pop. However  the cheapest form of mental health I can find my very-much-in-need-of-talking-to-someone child is $80 and required to be each and every week? Our society is consequently ass backwards (another tangent I could go on and on about) and it blows my mind on a continual basis. Here’s an idea new age society of America…instead of providing low-priced therapy to adults who are already fkd up, how about providing it to young children, aka the future of America, before they are utterly fkd up? I recognize that it must seem like a totally radical and absurd idea, however, it’s just this girls crazy opinion anyway.