Monthly Archives: August 2010

Happiness today.

Today was defeating. Screw that. Here’s what made me happy today.

1. Watching Savannah be the fastest kid on the “gravity spinner”

2. Finding a kite at Fred Meyer’s for only $3

3. Driving around aimlessly dancing at red lights with Savannah

4. Reading Harry Potter to Savannah

5. Jax wearing his new sweater

6. Running errands and getting stuff done

7. Hearing one of my favorite songs

8. Drinking a Redbull at just the right temperature

9. Visiting with Alex, she cracks me up

10. My aunt’s new hair cut…beautiful

11. The perfect weather today

12. The great deal on Mountain Dew

Well, that’s it. It might not be a lot, but that’s the point. Even the days that are hard and sad and defeating have happy moments to reflect upon. You just have to look.


A few goals…

I’ve really enjoyed taking the kids to a new park each month, we’ve done more than just the 1 a month I originally planned. Even just writing the directions and driving to it gets us all excited. I never enjoyed parks before, this is what we were missing. The adventure portion of it.

I’ve also got both girls involved here and there with a great organization called Girls Giving Back. They’ve helped with a car wash to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation as well as help out with renovating an apartment in a local shelter for a family in need. They are not only amazing helpers, but everyone enjoys having them involved, they are a hit with many!

Water. Well. Yeah. Let’s just say that this isn’t my best goal met yet but I truly am working hard on it and finding myself going for water to drink purely out of habit some days. That’s a start.

Sav washing cars for a good cause!Enjoying another new park!

Enjoying another new park!