Monthly Archives: September 2010

Topics we’re shunned over.

1. Religion. I am religious. I live like there is a God. I love God. I love the miracles He makes happen in my life. If you are living as though there is no God, you better hope you are right (I read that on a bumper sticker, love it!).

2. Illegal immigrants. Guess what? You are illegal. If you are offended because someone makes a joke about it, or a t-shirt, go back to where you are not illegal and make a t-shirt about us.

3. Parenting. News flash. Not everyone is going to like and agree with all styles of parenting. If you don’t say “no” to your child because you want to avoid temper tantrums, I am indeed going to roll my eyes and make it apparent I think you are ridiculously mentally impaired. Because I know you aren’t, you will catch on to my eye rolling. You will know how I feel. Not because I’m better than you. Because you are hindering your child and you should know it.

4. If you have a baby you give up a lot. One of those things is going to the movies without paying for a babysitter. Yes, going to the movies used to cost the price of snacks and tickets, now it also costs the price of a sitter. Do not take your new(ish) baby or loud toddler to an adult movie and think people are going to consider your child so precious they won’t care he’s kicking your seat or she’s ruining the movie through her constant crying. Keep them at home or deal with bitchy movie goers like me.

5. Breastfeeding is natural. I get it. Doesn’t mean I want to see it from strangers in a store. You do not become exempt from social respect because you had a kid. Many others did it before you. Get over yourself.

6. People are looking for any reason to get angry, start wars inside our own country, sue each other, etc. It’s pathetic! More often than not, people are becoming increasingly self righteous and have lost the ability to care for one another. This world is doomed.