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If there’s anything you learn from a GOOD father (good being the key word my friends)….it’s simple. He places expectations on you. He wants you to be kind, honest, and fair. He wants you to grow up, marry, and have children. What happens if you don’t do these things? Does he love you any different? No. Does he disown you? Not if he’s a good father and that’s what we are chatting about. He still accepts you. You may not have lived up to his expectations but you are still his child. The love is unconditional. You may have a conversation that goes like this…

You- “I tried. I failed. I want to be the person you see in me but I’m not. This is me. Please accept me. I’m sorry if I disappoint you but this is me.”

Good father- “It’s ok. I love you regardless.”

So tell me wonderful readers, why is it so hard to comprehend that God, our Father, would be any different of a Father? He says, here is the bible, here is the rules, try your best to follow them, if not, let Me know you’d like forgiveness, I’ll see you in Heaven one day, I love you regardless, you are My children.

This isn’t a hard concept. It’s not rocket science. ┬áHe’s simply doing what a father does. Do father’s want their children to be gay? Do they talk to the baby in the womb saying “I can’t wait for you to have same sex love”. No! But if/when it happens, they suck it up and love you regardless (again, if they are good fathers). Do they hope you will rape? Murder? Cheat? Steal? No!!! But they always forgive you. God is the same.

Stop fighting it. He’s waiting with open arms to forgive you. That’s what Father’s do.