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365 days down and counting!

With my birthday comes the knowledge that I have been working on my blogs for a year now. I came on here to reflect and write about the past year of goal completing, however my mind is jumbled with birthday fun. Of course I wasn’t going to do anything (hello…have you met me) but I didn’t get out of it this year. My best friend Kristen planned a party and we went to…wait for it…The Hen of course! What fun we all had…you can see from the pictures yourself…

See?! Fun was had. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life that would drive through the cold snowy night just to come celebate lil ol’ me! Love to you all!

Goals completion happening…

#5…for over a month I drank lots of water. It started off slow but before I knew it I was reaching for water above all else. Am I still drinking water before milk, soda, or juice? Nope. I was hoping to develop a habit for life, not so much. Maybe next time.

#7…I got my hangers all in lime green. Ah, I love lime green. The hall closet’s are white. Sav’s are blue. Jo’s are pink. Makes the closet’s look so good!

#10…I have learned to curb my appetite for plastic surgery obsession. Would I still do it if I had the opportunity? In a heartbeat!

#11…My self-esteem wasn’t really that bad. As I read the few self esteem books I purchased, I figured that out. What I learned instead is I’m a harsh critic and I need to be mentally more kind to myself.

#26…Jo has been to the dentist twice now. Perfect teeth and a great job on flossing. So proud of my daughter!

#30…thanks to two straight sessions at Ben Franklin’s scrapbooking night Jo’s baby book is complete. It’s adorable and she loves it!

#33…Either myself or Sean (thank goodness for him being in her life) has taken Sav to do something amazing and fun and appropriate for her age. She’s been rock climbing, out to dinner, to Apple Camp,¬†to the movies, ice skating, roller skating, and swimming. As much as she enjoys it, I think she always misses her sister by her side. They are so bff ūüôā

#35…I enjoy the new chore lists, I’m not sure the kids¬†do though. Having Sav unload the dishwasher is my favorite. I hated that chore!

#37…Savannah had an amazing season in softball, followed by play off’s, followed by a parade. She can’t wait to do it again!

#41…The girls have been helping me cook dinner and it’s been a ton of fun. Although having a child under my feet while I cook isn’t as fun for me, the look of¬†joy and self admiration they have¬†makes it worth it.

#43…We did the park thing, we loved it. Now we just have to make¬†the scrapbook. I think we will do this again next¬†spring/summer as well.

#44…I wrote 7 letters to people who I know will need them¬†when I pass, if I pass before them. I wanted to type them so they are prettier, but I know they would want them to be handwritten and so they are.

#45…I make a point of it to tell people I love them, care about them, like them, etc. Feels cheesy but I’m doing it.

#46…We roadtripped over to Leavenworth for the weekend for Holly’s bachelorette party. It was a blast!

#51…I do my best to keep in contact with those that I need in my life. Some friends aren’t a gift, they are a need!

#56…I’ve hosted a plethora of girl’s only events and it’s really strengthened the girl bonds in my group of friends. Very rewarding!

#59…I held a clothing drive for the additional organization and it was a success!

#60…Whenever allowed I have been bringing my kids with me to charity events and talked more about those less fortunate than us. What I learned was they both already had a strong understanding of it. Guess I’ve been teaching them all along.

#66 and #67…Mowed the lawn twice and worked in the garden. Go me!

#70…Went to the eye doctor. My eyes have pretty much stayed the same for the past 6 years. Yay! Got a new pair of glasses though (with Kristen’s help cause I couldn’t decide which one’s lol).

#77…I sang karaoke¬†with Kirsten and it was fun. Although I won’t do it again, hahaha.

#80…I sent in a postcard to postsecret. Nuff said.

#90…I made a time capsule of who I was when I began this project. I’m very curious to see how my life plays out until then.

#93…I’ve read 3 of the Harry Potter books so far.

That’s it! Goals are still in progress and I’m proud of myself. Thanks for reading!

My friends.

I have some of the best friends a person could ever have. If you and I do not share the same set of friends then you should feel sorry for yourself. Some of my friends I speak to almost daily. Some I speak to once a month or so. Some only a few times a year. And each time, without fail, my friends make me smile. Whether we are fighting over celebrating my birthday, laughing about a website we both love, or catching up on the past year that flew by too quickly, I am always in good company. Be jealous.


I bought my house a year and a half ago. Since then death has popped up a few too many times and I’d like to take a moment to reflect on that matter, and those that have passed.

.Orion. He was a boy that loved whole heartidly. He was funny, charming, and all things girls grow up and hope to find in a soul mate. We didn’t have a romantic connection, more like a big sis/lil bro kind. He loved to write music. He used to write a song and immediately come over and play it for me. He was greatly talented. A poor decision took his life.

.Ted. He was supposed to be my uncle. He was the love of my Aunt Erica’s life. Her teenage sweetheart. They lost touch. They each married and had 2 kids. They found each other again. They were engaged. He quickly became a part of our family and our hearts. He died of a heart attack on a road trip with her.

.David. We met many years ago. We partied often back then. We’d share secrets. We talked endlessly of parenting, insecurities, and the loves of our lives. He came to me for advice on several occasions. The conversations always ended with laughter and hugs.¬†He gave great hugs.¬†He died while playing basketball.

.Butch. Firndale Village brought us together. Countless Sunday dinners. He is the sole reason I learned that I love pulled pork. He was a very good friend to my mother and Dan. He helped her out when Dan was too far away to be there. He always had a smile on his face and a joke to make. Another heart attack. Another life cut short.

.Kylene. I met her during her freshmen year of high school. We taught together. We laughed together. We cried together. We raised our¬†daughters together. I held her hand during hard times. She made my laugh through mine. She was the type of person who could light up a room with her smile and laughter. She was a really good friend. Recently she didn’t wake up.

Death. It’s everywhere. You can’t hide from it. It will get you. All you can do is hope you are ready.

My kids have grown and are both in school!

With this comes one fact. If you don’t have a school age child you won’t understand. If you do, you probably want to pull out your own hair as do I. School age children = NO MANNERS! They instantly start chewing with their mouths open and playing with their food. It’s so gross. GROSS!!! If your children are not yet of school age, try and stop it from happening. You will fail. And I will welcome you to the club.

Growing up is hard.

It is. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you must have not grown up yet. I envy you. A few inevitable truths about growing up…

1. Bills multiply. I do not know how. I just know they do. The older you get the more bills you have. And they grow in amount. You go from paying a $30 water bill in an apartment to a $150 water bill in a house.

2. Friendships die down. You fight against it. You try and hold on. You try and reach out. But slowly, they all seem to fade. You can tell people how important they are and how much you love them but life gets in the way eventually. Friends get married and get new friends. Friends stay at home more to offset the debt from the new grown up bills. Friends move. Friends pass away. Priorities change for people. You can’t stop it, friendships don’t usually last forever.

3. Gray hair. I haven’t experienced this yet but I’m not looking forward to it either.

4. You ache in ways you didn’t know existed. There was once a time I would go out and dance all night long and feel the energy of that vibe still the next day. Now I feel the soreness in my feet, my legs, and my back. However, it hasn’t stopped me yet.

Toys-R-Us had it right all along….so did Peter Pan.