Monthly Archives: April 2011

Facebook posts…

Is it just me or are the chain letter facebook status updates not only a pathetic attempt at a guilt trip (ex: my real friends will re-post), but all around obnoxious? I hate them. I boycott them. Even if they say a line or two of something I believe in, I will NOT re-post them out of obligation to my beliefs. When I was younger and received a chain letter in the mail, I threw it away. When I receive them in the form of emails, I delete them and never think twice. Guess what? I have never been eaten alive in my sleep by some alien dead zombie creature lurking in my closet or waiting for me under my bed. I hardly read them when I see them on facebook. I can tell instantly what it is, and I keep on scrolling down.

Today is Saturday.

Guess what? Something new and incredible has happened. It’s Saturday. It’s just past 11am. I am still in bed. Holy crap! I don’t think that’s even happened the last few times I was sick. I’m always up fairly early, working on the house, driving kids here and there, etc. Not today. No kids. No plans. I could find something to go do. However, I am truly enjoying just laying here. What a feeling!

Last night I facebook chatted with 2 people I love unconditionally. 1 being my sister. 1 being a long-lost friend. It was fabulous to chat with both of them and my heart filled with love and joy.

My mother is gone. I am angry. Hurt. Betrayed. Abandoned. So many emotions surround this event. None of which are positive emotions. I wonder how long it will take me to get past this.

That’s all my rambles for now.

Oh and P.S., the world is ending. Better finish up those bucket list’s people!