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Fact. I cry a lot.

Of course I cry about the normal things. Death. Heart ache. Broken bones. Then there are the times I get teased for. Movies. Commercials. Recently I turned on the tv and started watching a show. I caught the last 7 or so minutes of it. I never saw the show before. I didn’t know the storyline or characters. Yet there I was at the end, crying. I thought I had cried over everything. I was wrong. I was hit this weekend with a new type of devastation. One I didn’t even know existed. Until now I have lived in a world where, when the weekends came, I knew what bar to corral my friends to or suggest we go on special events. Those days are over. I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know when or how I fell in love with it, but McCabes stole a piece of my heart and soul along my journey of life. And just like that, it’s gone. And I cried. I feel lost without my go-to bar. I’ve made so many memories there. It’s the type of place you go and you know you will see familiar faces. There will be people to laugh with and hug hello. For those of us who call ourselves regulars, it’s our version of Cheers. Expect we get to dance off the calories of the drinks we consume. I don’t know how to let go of this place. It holds so much for me. Memories. Love. Friendships. My heart is broken over this and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It feels like losing a long time good friend. R.I.P. McCabes. You will truly be missed. 

Power walking vs. Jogging…ding ding ding

I love to jog. I love the feel of doing something. I enjoy the wind in my face. I appreciate the endurance it builds. Lately I’ve seen so many people power walking. Also known as speed walking. I wondered “why aren’t they jogging?” so I researched. According to every single article I found, power walking and jogging burn the same amount of calories. Power walking also is better for your joints AND works more muscles since it’s harder to do. Try it. Walk so fast your body naturally wants to jog and keep walking instead. It honest to God takes more muscles. I gave it a go this morning. I was sweating within 2 minutes whereas jogging it takes me a good 5-7 minutes to start sweating. Plus as I approach the second half of my life, I probably should consider my knees. They felt stronger after power walking then they do after jogging. I’m so happy I found a new hobby! I urge everyone to try it!

Camping, rain, and hurt feelings.

This particular blog will work as my go to for when someone ask’s the dreaded question “how was camping?”. For those of you not caught up to speed but aware I was away this weekend, let it be known, it was not by choice like the other mother’s (and one aunt) who were there. Those women wanted the experience with their child. The memories. The laughter. All I wanted was to prove to Savannah’s troop leader that she really isn’t as hard to handle as she thinks. My daughter isn’t allowed to attend Girl Scout activities outside of troop meetings without a personal chaperone. I get that my child is more challenging than most, however this is a tad dramatic if you ask me. Just yell at her and threaten to take away something she enjoys, trust me, it works.

Camping was to begin at 6:30pm Friday evening. Because I had to drop Jo off with her step mom in Ellensburg, we were driving separately (aka without having to transport other 5th grade campers thank God). We got to camp at 6pm with our Subway sandwiches and books. We knew we’d be a tad early but that was good planning on my part because Sav does better when she is the first to arrive (between you and me, so do I). Miss Penny, the camp leader at Flying Horseshoe Ranch, told Sav and I we were welcome to wander and play with the dogs, but we had to wait for the rest of the troop for the tour and to see our cabins. Waiting 30 minutes isn’t too bad, so no worries there. Yeah, they arrived at 7:30pm. Ever wait 90 minutes with an anxious ADHD child excited about camping? Of course not. It’s torture. No one does it. I was ready to scream, cry, and punch trees. Lucky for my hand, I opted to breathe deep a lot.

Friday night wasn’t bad. The campfire and marshmallows made the 90 minute wait seem a thing of the past. Blue skies were out, everyone was in great spirits. The horse adventure began at 9:30am the next morning, we were set. Although the pool we were going to swim in after the horse ride had a crack in it. Kids are so here and now, I knew I had till then before they all got upset. Bedtime came. Then 11pm came. Then midnight. Finally with my stern but still cool mom voice I told my 10 and 11 year old bunk mates to zip it. Zip it now. They did. La la land, here I come. Before I knew it I was woken to a hail storm. Thunder. Lighting. Rain. Did I mention hail? Did I also mention we were sleeping in very thin cabins with tin roofs? Tin roof + hail = no possible chance of sleep for anyone. That ended around 5am. We all slept a couple more hours and forced ourselves out of bed around 7am (the rain had turned into an on again off again sprinkle thankfully). We had 2 1/2 hours to wake up, cook eat and clean up breakfast, get dressed (13 girl scouts, 6 adults, and 4 changing stations) and get to the horses. We did it though. Tired. Cranky. We did it. We had horse riding to look forward to after all. Ha! We were there at 9:30am. The horses and horse people, not so much. After an hour and 10 minutes of trying to coral the horses to come to the arena with us watching the madness ensue, laughing at them and irritated all at the same time, it finally happened. Then came helmets and boots. Then the lesson. The girls didn’t actually leave until 11:40am on their hour-long trail ride. I took this opportunity to sit in my car, alone, and read. It might just be the highlight of my weekend. The girls came back, we had lunch, played GS games, then had free time. I hate free time. I hate relaxing. I hate being bored. The girls quickly realized they were missing out on something. The pool. After debating back and forth with Miss Penny, I got her to turn a sprinkler on. Yay, mom of the weekend award goes to me! We then got dressed, enjoyed dinner, and had a pretty cool astronomy lesson for the rest of the night. It would have been much better with the stars out, but learning indoors has its perks too (warmth, duh). Bedtime again! The rain had started up again about 2 hours prior. Apparently the rain and hail from the night before, mixed with a day of sprinkles and then rain, did not agree with our cabins. Leaks. Lot’s of leaks. Not to mention a temperature that felt like we might all catch hypothermia in our sleep. 2 girls ended up sharing one bed (picture 3/4 size of a twin bed) and Sav and I shared a bed. There goes my 2nd night of sleep. I dozed in and out cursing the weather God’s, while we tried to keep warm and more rain came (getting this chance to snuggle with Sav and giggle about girl things was my actual highlight of the weekend). 8am came quick and we were all packing up and headed out (the rain had not slowed down yet). Problem with leaving….the hill we came in on was now a muddy mess and even the 4×4 mom cars couldn’t make it out. We watched car after car slide around, fishtail, and high center. Miss Peggy found a way for us to drive through the horse arena and out another entrance. Thankfully. What this ultimately meant for Sav and I was we had hours, HOURS, to kill in Ellensburg before getting to have Jo at 2pm. We survived though, as we always do. Of course traffic was horrible on the way home. But I am here now. In bed. Not going anywhere.

Oh and for the hurt feelings….those would be mine….from the child I gave my entire weekend up for. As usual. One day she will understand what the word “filter” means. I hope so at least.

Shh, don’t say it.

There are so many things we can’t say. Well, we can in fact say them, however, saying them comes with so much criticism and judgement we don’t open Pandora’s box. Those things include but are not limited to…

1. A labor and delivery doctor can’t say “You’re baby isn’t very cute”.

2. Teacher’s can’t say “I hate your kid”.

3. Christian’s can’t say “God sucks”.

4. You can’t tell someone who just had an abortion “That was a really good idea, way to go”.

5. A straight man can’t say” that guy a smokin’ hot”.

6. Someone who own’s a wedding boutique can’t tell you”That dress isn’t very flattering, in fact it’s ugly on you”.

Those are just a few example’s. Instead we plaster smiles on our faces, tell everyone we’re “fine” when asked how we are doing, and instead of saying “I want to know what it feels like to dump my kid on the side of the road and keep on driving”, we say “Children are a blessing. You should see her report card. All A’s and B’s. I’m so proud!”. Yet 9 times out of 10, people will tell you one of their better qualities is honesty. Liars. We are all liars.

Sensory Integration Disorder

I’m happy to announce the new tolerance (and semi actually like the flavor of) the following…

1. Cooked Broccoli (with olive oil, garlic powder and sea salt)

2. Fava Beans

3. Cooked Red Peppers

4. Mango

Thanks to Savannah for tasting things before me and telling me the texture, and Jo for being so picky I feel the need to set a better example.

.hello world.

Ever feel like you are walking up a long flight of stairs only to never find the end? You don’t know where it’s taking you, however you don’t have any other choice but to keep going. The staircase twist’s and turn’s, sometimes unexpectedly. And here you are, still climbing.

Maybe the purpose of life isn’t marriage, kids, career, etc (or whatever goal is drilled into your head since childhood). Maybe it’s simply to gain experience and help other’s lost on their flight of stairs.

We all fall down the stairs sometimes. All you can do is pick yourself up, continue walking, and try to be more careful next time. We all get to the end eventually.