Harry Potter.

I came here to blog about my thoughts regarding this magical topic. However, I’m failing to find the words. Only those who follow the series would understand, but it’s the rest of you I am pleading to.

Find a way to see this final movie, preferably in 3D.

Minus the Harry Potter aspect, it is the most visually stimulating movie I have ever seen. The 3D was incomparable to any other movie out there. Like if movies could talk it would get in a verbal fight with other 3D movies and all it would have to say is “schooled”. Other 3D movies would hang their heads in shame. There is simply no comparison.

Everyone, learn quickly what you can about the previous Harry Potter movies and/or books and see it asap. My heart is heavy for those who won’t.

Aside from the 3D aspect, it was a wonderful final movie. Of course, like any book turned movie, there are missing parts. But not enough for me to complain about. I think the creators hit the important parts.

With every new movie, it’s always felt like getting together with an old friend. You sit for a couple of hours and catch up. You see how they’ve grown. You learn what adventure’s they have been up to. I’ve truly enjoyed these visits with the characters from the series. You grow to know and love them. I’m sad our time has come to an end. The movie gave impeccable closure, but a part of me will always hope to see their faces again.

I cried, a lot (is anyone surprised?). I cried through the happiness, and through the sadness. The parts where my heart literally felt like it was breaking for my dear friends Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, and their loved ones. I cried knowing it was over. I watched the entire credits. I wasn’t ready to let go, I don’t know if I ever will be.

If you haven’t begun the adventure into these movies and/or books, I hope one day something or someone comes along to change your mind. It’s not a movie about silly kids and their magic. There are kids, yes. There is magic, yes. However, those 2 things are nothing in comparison to everything else involved. It’s about unconditional love and friendship. It’s about heartache, maturing, hard decisions, and finding yourself. You become lost in a world you wish you could be apart of. You don’t question anything. There are no “why” or “what” questions. It just is. And you always wish for more.




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2 responses to “Harry Potter.

  • katiebuss

    I loved these movies. I haven’t yet read the books, but I have them all. I sincerely dislike 3D though, but I did see the final movie and it was just as great as all the rest. One of my very favorite series of movies — I was as sad over this being over as I was LOST being over.

  • wifemomfriendme

    The books are really good. You go on such an adventure! The movies are incredible, but the books give you a little more insight. I normally don’t care about 3D either way but this 3D was amazing. You felt like you were right there in the movie with them. I’ve never seen such outstanding 3D! I couldn’t sleep last night. Lost is exactly how I felt! I tossed and turned while my mind raced of the Harry Potter days and how sad I am it’s over. I think I’ll be seeing it again.

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