Meet me at the cornfield. 1 hour.

Ok, replace corn field with Ridgecrest Community Park. It’s where we always end up anyway. No surprise this was the locations my friends decided to gather to mourn one of our own. Although I rarely have the opportunity to see these friends I’ve known before I could even ride a bike, we’re the type of group that will drop everything when push comes to shove. Tonight we did just that. We all showed up to the same spot we’ve been going to for years, with beer we bought legally (ah, the good ol’ days lol), and hugged.

I hang out with many people, from many groups. I have my core group of friends, a few random here-and-there friends, and my childhood friends. And I love each of them so very much!

I spent a good portion of the time with my old school friends reminiscing and catching up with 2 wonderful people. I truly needed that.

Sadie and Brandon, if you ever stumble upon my blog and read this, I love you both tremendously! Life would not have been the same had I not had you both in it. I don’t even want to imagine that! Thank you for the years and years behind our friendship and of course, the years to come. From the bottom of my heart, I truly love you both!

Anyway. Moral of the story. I have friends. I love them. If you are reading this you are probably one of them. And I love you for it.

Yes, I’m simply rambling about love now. However losing a loved one will do that to you. So don’t blame me. Just accept my love 🙂


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