A fork in the road.

Sometimes in life, you travel with a companion. Then you come to a fork in the road. Up until this point, you have traveled together, sometimes for a short time, sometimes years. You’ve weathered storms, embarked upon path’s you may have never chosen if you were alone, and shared many stories and laughs along the way.

Here you are. A fork. A decision. Do you continue to travel together? Do you go separate ways and see what life has in store for you?

Traveling together seems the easy choice. It’s what you’re used to. It’s comfortable. It’s a way of life for you if you truly love that person.

However, going separate ways gives you a chance to appreciate and notice parts of life’s paths you may not have your eyes open to seeing. It may be a scarier adventure, but sometimes you just know it’s time.

Going down separate paths doesn’t mean you hate that person, or even dislike them (although, sometimes it does mean that, and that’s okay too). It can simply mean you have another adventure to take, one that doesn’t include them as such an influential part of your journey.

And who knows, your paths may cross again soon and you’ll find yourself back in step with them like separating never happened. You can tell them about the journey you had while they were away, and listen to their journey.

Either way, it’s your life. It’s one big chose your own adventure story. You might not know the outcome, but you get to pick the path.


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