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Rules of life.

I know it seems so boring, but I truly wish sometimes we all had the same set of rules when it comes to this game we call life. One person can say something, and another takes it and hears something different. A tone, a hidden meaning, an assumption. It makes for quite a lot of complications. We all want to master the art of communication, I don’t think it’s achievable. When you mix in everyone’s personal filter that is shaped by maturity, belief’s, and life experiences, there’s just no way to fully understand everyone. Not even if you narrow it down to just loved one’s.

Here’s one word that holds so much meaning, yet is perceived so differently.


To one person friendship might mean showing up at their house unexpectedly with a bottle of wine and box of kleenex when you know they’ve had a hard time. Another person might hate that and therefore never do it leaving the other person to feel as though their friend doesn’t care.

Another person might feel like friendship is showing up to all the other person’s life events. Birthdays, celebrations for work, baby shower’s, etc, so they attend every single event you make an invite for, maybe even more. However, you might find that stuff silly and therefore you don’t go to all of theirs. Again, they’ll think you don’t care.

Friendship means so much to me, yet I struggle to show it. I never thought I did but after being told so on more than one occasion, my ears finally opened.

To me friendship means giving someone space when they’re having a hard time but randomly through our friendship letting people know I do care and would be there if they asked in hopes that if someone needed me, they would ask. Cause I’d be there.

To me friendship is helping a friend move. Even if this is the 5th or 6th time I’ve helped this same person move, and I have to get a sitter for my kids, and I seriously hate moving people. Hahaha! But I love her, and she needs help (she even reached out to friends and asked…not her strongest suit) so I’ll be there. But seriously my firework, stop moving please lol!

To me friendship is getting interested in my other friends hobbies if they ask. Not only is that something we can then share together, it gives me more insight to them as a person. I’ve learned so much by having an open mind in this area of my life, I’m always excited for another piece of this puzzle.

To me friendship is answering the phone when my friends call…70% of the time. But since that used to be, like, 20%, I’d say I’m on the right track. Do I still watch my phone ring and follow it with a text along the lines of “what’s up?”??? Possibly. But it’s rare and always for a justified reason. I’ve even practiced calling my friends just to say hi. It’s a learning process but I’m happy to do it, cause I love my friends.

Lately I’ve been surrounded by incredible people I learn from, get inspired by, and truly feel the warmth of their friendship. Thank you.

To all my friends past, present, and future…thank you for bringing me this far in life. I’m shaped by each of you. Let’s keep the adventure’s coming!

It’s finally here!!!

Each year I begin counting down the days till the Halloween party. I love this time of year. Not only do I get to be with most of my favorite people, but I can never wait to see the costumes! That’s the best part. So much imagination, creativity, and over all fun crammed into one party! Who could ask for more?!

Tomorrow Leinani and I will take our beautiful daughters to the pumpkin patch for a couple of hours of quality time and memories to cherish forever. After that I will carve pumpkins with the kids. Always a messy fun time :-)!

Monday I will work at church getting it ready for the annual “trunk or treat” celebration, then the kids and I will attend it for an hour or so, then it’s time for trick-o-treating and one of Sav’s best friends is going to join us, adorable!

Then the Halloween Witch will arrive (heeheehee).

Next week we are doing the candy buy back program at my work and I’ll get to ask all the kids how they enjoyed Halloween.

It’s like a week of Halloween goodness is starting today, yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A tribute to a few incredible people.

First of all, if we are friends, then I love you. I love the people I let into my life with all I have, sometimes that love proves to be overwhelming, sometimes lacking. Either way, I promise you, it’s there. You mean a lot to me and I’m thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for the memories we’ve made, and the memories to come. My friends are always on my mind and in my heart.

With that said there are a few special people I want to give a shout out to. This goes with one of my goals, telling people how I feel about them. Definitely not my greatest strength, but over the past 2 years of working on it, I feel as though I’ve almost mastered it. Here’s my public way of saying “I love you”.

In no particular order.

Amy. Thank you for the daily chats/emails/text’s/facebook wall posts. You have this amazing way to make me feel loved and special. It’s magnetic and I’ve learned so much from it. You are one of the closest people to my heart and I’m so happy to share secrets, joys, frustrations, and memories with you!

Desirae. The Hen is never the same without you. People watching with you may just be one of my all time favorite past times. Thank you for being in my life, and my children’s. I love spending time with you as friends, and as mom’s. You have more talents than anyone I know. There isn’t anything you can’t do and it inspires me!

Maria. Never in my life have I met someone with the magnitude of heart you possess. I’m blessed to be apart of it. I have told you since day one that you inspire me as a mother, child of God, and all around amazing person. I love the time I get to spend with you. I love knowing I will have you in my life forever. You are the most creative person I know and have the most infectious laugh. You are my soul sister!

Ok, ok, ok. I’m getting myself all teary eyed and worked up. So that’s all for now before the water works begin and I can’t shut them off!

To all the ladies I mentioned, the one’s I didn’t, and of course my incredible guy friends….I freaking love you ALL!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Roung peg. Square hole.

Story of my life. Nothing describes me better. And I’m ok with that.

Out on the town!

I’ve had a lot of time out lately, with my friends, dancing the nights away. Thank you fall birthdays!

The ballroom.


The Hen.

More coming up this weekend, and next month. And the Halloween party of the year. Plus a bachelorette party this weekend.

I’m not sure where I’m finding the energy for this, but I’ll enjoy this phase and make the memories, that’s what life is about anyways.

Not to mention, I thought I was going to be bored when I lost my main group of friends.

I’m finding myself more busy than ever (and tired lol).

Guess it was overdue of me to start paying attention to the rest of my friends.

Or maybe the timing was just right.

I miss them. I’m thankful for that chapter of my life. It sure had it’s amazing moments!

Life is rockin right now. I couldn’t be happier.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is next month.

I think, for once, I will happily celebrate it. Nothing big and fancy though, don’t get any idea’s 🙂

P.S. I love this quote

To begin again.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
– Anne Frank

When my kids are having a bad day, I tell them to start it over. It’s that simple. It’s never too late to shrug off your bad energy and start the day over. I truly believe in the power of a new beginning, even in the form of simply changing one day at a time. You have control of your life, the people you let into it, and your reactions to hard times. If there is anything I can teach my children, it’s just that.

I feel like lately, I’ve started my life over.

New friends.

New job.

New attitude.

And today I will top it off with new hair. A total transformation. I couldn’t be more excited.

Then I will show it off while dancing in Fremont and creating memories with people I hope to know until forever.


What an incredible idea! I’ve been religiously following PostSecret since I discovered it in 2007 and have not missed one single Sunday. I know every week I will cry. Sometimes from sadness, but sometimes for joy. I look for secrets in bookstores, and have left a few myself. It’s incredible to be apart of a community where no one knows you, people know your secrets, and everyone accepts you. Each week I read the new secrets and there’s always something I can relate to, if not feel exactly the same as. PostSecret has saved lives, changed lives, and enriched lives. It’s a genius idea. Not only can you put your inner secrets out for the world to see, but you also have this incredible feeling of feeling less alone when you read someone else saying your same secret. It’s unbelievably moving. It can be pretty X-rated here and there, but one day I will share it with Savannah and it will be our thing, I hope at least. Here are a few random secrets, just in case you need a visual, or a reason to start reading them too!