Thankful in November.

For the month of November I wrote status updates in regards to things I am thankful for. So I can always remember I am blogging them, and a few others. It’s easy to forget why we, as human’s, are thankful….especially in the madness of the holiday season.

Or maybe that’s just a problem I have lol!

Without further ado….I am thankful for…

Ladies book club

The gals at work who allow me to bug them all day long with questions

Crazy bread and wine

Not having to drive to Ellensburg and back (only on that particular day lol)

Kirsten and casino nights

Love, friends, and red wine

Girls Giving Back, cheese, sleep, and laughter

Damn you auto correct, Tucker Max, and David Thorne

Feeling better (I was really sick lol!)

Text message pictures that cheer me up

Coming home to flowers and wine on my porch courtesy of my Amy!

Cheese and wine dates with Hannah (I’m starting to see a pattern of loving both cheese and wine lol)

Neighbors and family movie nights at the school

The Mukilteo Lodge (love that place!)

Redbox $1 movies that keep my kids entertained giving me a few moments of peace!

Training with Melissa (I’m also thankful for our backseat adventures lol)

My kids reading quietly thanks to my fabulous neighbor loaning them new stories to dive into

Putting the kids on the bus and having hours of peace when I don’t have to work once a week lol

Spice Girls (aka myself, Melissa, Hannah, Amy and Erin….we’re the 21st century version lol)

Staying in a cabin all weekend with friends hidden away in Leavenworth


Happiness….and a Hawks win 🙂

White chocolate mocha’s with white coffee (I’ve hooked a few people on these….sooooooo good….and twice the caffeine!)

Facebook for allowing me to stay connected to my loved one’s when my phone fails me lol

Coming home to hugs, a delicious dinner and presents

The Hen on Wednesday nights

Everything I’ve ever eaten at La Cote Creperie (if you haven’t been you are seriously missing out!)

Soul sisters

Adventures on the East side

Bubble baths

Walking late at night with good friends

Taylor Swift, Anna Nalick, and Glee mash-ups

The hysterical things that come out of my kids mouths (they are ridiculously witty and entertaining)

Love, forgiveness, understanding, and hugs

And if you are reading this, then I am also thankful for you 🙂


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