Monthly Archives: December 2011

Blah blah blah…

I want to write about how people who stand too close to me in line deserved to be punched. Seriously. It freaks me out.

I want to write about how a certain psycho red head behaved like a child on Friday.

I want to write about my headache.

I want to write about the emotional pain parenting sometimes gives me. How sometimes the tears simply won’t stop.

I want to write about paper cuts.

I want to write about how easily annoyed I am by some people.

I want to write about how I wish my favorite shows would hurry up and come back on. My life isn’t the same without Parenthood, Orange County housewives, or Cougars.

Well, I suppose I wrote about the things I want to write about, without the details.

I’m trying to avoid sounding rude. Complaining shouldn’t be done in the holiday season.

I have so much to be thankful for. It’s hard to focus on those things right now however. I’ll try again soon.

I’m blaming my headache for my cranky mood.


Our new holiday tradition!

When I see a cul-de-sac of houses with extreme holiday lights I love it, I truly do. However, a part of me always wonders if the houses would participate if there wasn’t the feel of competition through the neighborhood. When I see one single house standing on its own with extreme holiday lights, I feel inspired.

In both cases I feel holiday joy 🙂

I wanted a new tradition with the girls. Something that was just ours. No one moving could change it. No one changing could change it. Nothing would ever make it so we couldn’t perform it. Maybe one day they will do it with their kids.

The plan: Bring holiday joy to the random houses standing alone.

We will drive around looking for said houses, I can already think of a few. We will each pick one (so 3 total if math isn’t your forte) and send a holiday card thanking them for their inspiring holiday spirit.

It might not be much, but I have a feeling the adventure to find the houses will be the fun part. Or maybe instead of mailing the card, we will drop it off with a plate of cookies, or a pie! That sounds wonderful too 🙂

Plus, who wouldn’t want a random holiday card from strangers thanking them for the hours it took to put up the lights and explaining in great detail what it meant to see the house and get captivated by the joy it brings?!

Yeah, holiday traditions rock!


If circumstances were different…

Skin color wouldn’t have an effect on anyone’s judgement of another human being.

There would be no judgement.

Social class simply wouldn’t exist.

Age wouldn’t define how you should act, what you should have accomplished, who you can love, or when you are ready for another chapter in your life.

We would all be friends.

The wealthy would give to the poor instead of screw them over.

Bullies would go to jail….and get bullied from inmates.

Being usual and unique would be the “norm” and would be appreciated and praised opposed to taunted and shamed.

Marriage would be a way to say you commit your heart and soul to one person, and no one, and no law, would stand in your way of doing so.

American holiday’s would be celebrated freely and with pride in American schools.

Every person, club, office, and political party would own their mistakes, apologize for them, look for the lesson to be learned, and try better next time.

Those who need professional help for any medical reason would get it, not just those who can afford it.

Everyone could go to a great college, even if they didn’t realize they wanted to until the last minute.

Truly good people wouldn’t get life threatening diseases, those would be saved for the people who deserved to die an unimaginable death.

Yeah, that’s the world I would like to live in.


This sums it up!

The difference between friends and best friends

This one is my favorite. I cannot tell you how many times in the past few months it’s been referenced to me or behind my back that I’m fake or I’ve changed. The reality is, those saying such things, never took the time to know me. They saw and heard what they wanted and from there decided who I was. You missed the chance to get to know the real me. Shame on you for judging me, for deciding who you wanted and needed me to be, and for blaming me when that didn’t work out for you. One day, maybe, they will understand.