Monthly Archives: July 2012

My kids are amazing!

No seriously, they are.

I have watched them grow, obviously. But lately, they have really taken shape. I want to remember this feeling, so I must blog it. I must put it out there to always have to look back upon. Here’s what happened….

Jason bought a boat, and us girls have become boaters, quickly. It’s not the typical speed boat you see zooming along trailing screaming victims on inner tubes, but it has a wake board tower, so we knew the possibility was there. With us by his side, he bought an oversized inner tube platform thing and tow rope. Then it was time to experiment. We took some friends out for the first go, 6 adults, 7 children. Jo and Sav got to be the guinea pigs for trying this adventure out. We didn’t hook it up to the tower, just the back of the boat and sped off. It sunk, quickly. Well, just the front end so they managed to remain calm and balanced and on top of it as we dragged them back in with looks of horror on their face as the rest of us reassured them. We decided it needed more air, gave it some, had an adult try it out, it didn’t sink, voila! Although the girls were a little panicked, they were ready for another try. Off they went and I was so proud, they were so brave! I couldn’t believe either of them were up for another try, let alone both of them! Then they sank again, this time, both into the water! There were tears and an orange flag waving in the air so other boaters knew, but I was still so proud. We realized the error of our ways, it needed to be attached to the wake board tower. So we did some rearranging, hooked it up, and you’ll never guess who got back out there…..Jo. Barely done crying and she was ready for round 3! I’m happy to report, it was a very successful adventure and she definitely earned her water wings.

Jo used to refuse to go on slides, and even panicked if the swing got too high. Now she’s getting dunked in the water and going in for more, I cannot believe it! She talks to new friends quickly, laughs often, articulates incredibly, comprehends in a way no other 7 year old I have ever met can, and continues to surprise me daily. I am always amazed by her.

Savannah wouldn’t go back in a third time, and that’s okay. She was not only shaken up from getting dunked, it really scared her watching Jo fall in. Savannah tried to save her before she went down, and it caused her to lose her balance and you could see her instantly searching to make sure her sister was safe. That too is a way of growing. She has reached a point where she gets nervous when she isn’t sure if Jo is okay, and it’s a beautiful sight. There is so much love and compassion in her heart for her little sister, I couldn’t be more proud.

I hope I always remember what this feels like, this fantastic feeling of motherhood. In between the moments of selective hearing, messes, talking back, interrupting, and property damage, it’s great to have these memories to hold on to.

Savannah and Jo, I love you both so very much.


Tonight I worked on a long and tedious project. Deleting/saving pictures from my old Facebook so I can delete it. The only reason I still have it is for the pictures. I can’t risk losing them. Between not having a digital camera when Savannah was younger, and the crash of two of my computers, I feel like my memories through pictures quota is low, very low.

However, when I go through these pictures I find myself so curious about my old friends. Old meaning, past life, not age. The memories we made, the one’s we dreamed of making……

After I parted ways, I still checked out their blogs here and there, even those days are over. I’ll always wonder what Peyton is growing up to be like.

Then these thoughts put me on a sad track, one I won’t be sharing here, no offense. I don’t think I’m ready for that thought to be said out loud.

Really the sad track starts at home. Right here, where I am. What is it you ask? The missing piece. He’s in New Jersey.

Loneliness = sadness I suppose.

So now….I will entertain myself with pictures and because I’m feeling giving, I will post my favorites I run across.

Without further ado, may the following pictures help you escape for even a moment, as they helped me.