Monthly Archives: November 2012

33 is here, and staying 364 more days

Another birthday I tried to avoid. Another birthday I’ll never forget.

It started with an easy morning of sleeping in and being lazy (and being reminded I don’t get to know the plan for the celebrating part). Jason made me coffee and went out and got me breakfast. We watched football and sat around. Then we headed to the mall (what I wanted to do). Then he took us for pedicures, yay! We went home, played some pinochle (my fave) and got ready. All I knew was to wear jeans and a cute/nice top. He took me to dinner at Red Lobster so I could have the crab I’ve been craving…. and got me 1 1/2 pounds! Along side crab linguine and caesar salad, I was stuffed!!! He said we were going out dancing in Bellevue, which I thought was a strange plan for him to make (but I do love dancing!) however, I wanted to go home to change so to home we went.

Side note: I asked Jason if we were having people over because he randomly started vacuuming. Then convinced me he did so because a messy house stresses me out. Which is true. So I believed him.

As we turned the corner to go home we were chatting and he started slowing down. I knew it. At that moment I knew it. There were people at our house. He was slowing down so we could finish our conversation. Then, I saw the cars. (this is where he could use a lesson in intention versus impact, ugh).

At first, I wouldn’t get out of the car. I sat there for a few minutes in shock and anxiety. I hate these types of surprises. I made that known. Ugh. Then a beautiful baby girl arrived and that was enough for me. I happily got out of the car. We have Piper to thank for that.

My house was full of people I love and I thought that was it. Oh no, Jason thinks of everything (and had a couple amazing sneaky helpers).

Wine tasting. Wine tasting where each wine gets a score card and a food to pair with it. From chocolate to salmon. From Pino’s to Cabs. We drank wine, we paired with food, we guessed the wines and we laughed.

I’m blown away with how much planning and thought went into that. What an amazing night!!!

No one was there to wish me a happy 26th birthday but that’s all I was missing. Normally my birthday leaves me feeling lonely, unmotivated, sad and hopeless. Not this time. I felt so much joy and happiness and all around thankful.

I cannot believe how lucky I am.