Monthly Archives: January 2013

Time to exit the roller coaster!!!

This past week I have been riding one long roller coaster. Up’s, down’s, upside down, twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and I wasn’t prepared for. Time to get off the ride!

The low’s were hard, dark, lonely, and scary…..and often self inflicted. I’d try to blame my hormones but they are still my hormones, so still my own fault.

I need to be stronger.

I need to stop taking things so personal.

I need to start walking again, I miss it. I miss the fresh crisp air. I love the way it makes me feel better, every single time.

I need to hug my kids more….wait, they barely let me hug and kiss them as much as I do….they are way to cool for me.

I need to be more patient.

I need to listen better. I need to hear what people are saying to me AND what they aren’t saying. I need to read between the lines. I need to pick up on the tone of the conversation.

There are so many area’s of improvement. I wonder if I’m the only one who feels that way sometimes. I wonder what other people think they should work on. I wonder if it’s all the same.

I’m currently watching Preppers. I don’t need to prep. Those people are crazy!

I’ve got my 2 beautiful wonderful daughters reading their bedtime stories and a sleepy boyfriend. I have laundry to work on and dishes to do. Always something to do, same story each day.

I wonder when I will get to start the improving……..maybe tomorrow 🙂


Dearest diary…..

I have so much to tell you. So much I’m feeling. So much I can’t talk about out loud. Here goes….it all started because, wait, what? This isn’t a diary? This is a blog for the entire world to see? Yeah, that can’t happen. If I spill all my beans I will no longer appear calm and collected. People will wonder if my smile is real or fake. I’ll be second guessed. Sorry, that’s just not the person I am, regardless of who I wish I could be some times. I suppose everything will stay bottled up then, where it always is. Phew…..that was a close one!