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Today was a bust! (day 4)

1. I couldn’t go to the gym on my lunch break thanks to meetings….again.

2. I made a batch of brownies.

3. I drank 2 glasses of wine.

Hmm…..guess every day can’t be a win.

However, I didn’t throw any tantrums today 🙂

Day three. A day of discouragement.

Today I went 114 over my calorie intake. I also ate the last brownie. That will help. Boy those things are good!!! Also, my dinner was over 500 calories and I only ate 1 cup. Duly noted- ravioli contains a lot of calories, especially tossed in olive oil!

Today I threw a fit because I don’t want to give up the foods I like. They are tasty. But full of calories. I felt tortured. I’m finally at a point in my life where I really like food, and now I’m learning how bad they all seem to be. It’s so incredibly discouraging.

I also recently threw a fit because I can’t do push ups. I mean really, who can’t do push ups? Shouldn’t I be able to do at least 10 before my arms want to give out and I run the risk of smashing my face into the ground? In theory, yes. Reality, not a chance! I am weaker than I thought. A harsh reality I had to face on that one.

On a brighter note, I must say that so much of my success is to the thanks of my fantastic boyfriend. Never in my life have I been in a relationship with someone who cares about me like he does. He looks up foods, plans, idea’s, calories, etc. He motivates me and gets out there with me. It’s so comforting to not be alone in this. To have support and a sounding board. To be able to throw a tantrum and have a melt down and have him right there getting me through it and talking me off a cliff, it’s incredible. I didn’t know relationships could be like that. Right now, he is making me protein shakes custom to my liking that I can ration out over the next few days. He never stops giving to me.

Today I burned 150 calories between the stationary bike at my gym and our impromptu game of frisbee after work.

Today was my first day at the gym in my new workout clothes. I’m not going to lie, I loved the feeling. Before I felt like a poser. Like everyone knew I didn’t belong. Now, in my stylish cute gear, I look like everyone else. Yes, this motivates me. I’m okay with that.

Goal for tomorrow- no meltdowns or fits.


Day two.

I downloaded the ap Jason swears by. It’s called My Plate and you can track everything. Okay, I admit. I love it. According to it I need to intake 842 calories to hit my target. This doesn’t mean starving myself. It means eating my necessary calories to survive, then exercising enough to get back to my target.

I today I failed. I also cried.

I ate well (minus the brownie, but hey, it was made with banana’s and zucchini at least) and exercised not so well. I arrived to work to learn my 2 co-workers had to do the training I did yesterday, so again no full lunch break to me. I accommodated with walking and a few reps of this and that at home.

Calories for the day – exercise = 842 calories. Which is 14 over my goal, but still not too shabby.

Highlights of the day:

1. Jason talked me out of buying a scale

2. I bought myself cute work out clothes

3. Jason is currently pouring me a glass of wine

That’s my cue….I better do some lunges on my way to the glass of wine!

Day one. (posted on day two, oops!)

Good morning! It’s the first official day of kicking my own @$$!

Here are my measurements in inches:

Thighs- 21 3/4 (goal is to lose 4 inches in each, reality is I’d be happy to lose 2 inches in each)

Arms- Right = 10 1/2, Left = 10 1/4 (goal is to lose 2 inches each, reality is I’d be happy t0 lose 1/2 inch and tone up)

Stomach- 31 1/2 (goal is to lose 4 inches, reality is I might kill someone if I can’t lose those 4 inches)

Calories for the day = 1,400

Exercise for the day = Not enough!

I got to work to learn that I wasn’t going to be able to take a full lunch break, instead, a half hour lunch break due to a teleconference training. Ugh. I took a brief stroll on my break and a walk after work for a total of 130 calories burned through exercise.

Onto the next day!