Hello rock, please meet hard spot.

I’m torn. So very torn.

So, like, I know this person… seriously, it’s not me. I know you thought that.

The person in question makes friends with people online. This is normal if you are into online gaming. It’s actually more normal then being friends with real life humans. I’ve talked to several gamers and ex-gamers about this. I’ve studied the topic. It’s normal. (yes, I’m saying it over and over continually trying to convince myself it’s normal)

This person truly enjoys these friendships and believes she… er…. he/she is creating actual friendships.

Fine, ok, it’s a she.

She laughs with these “friends” and shares stories with these “friends”. They communicate like actual friends. These are her “friends”.

She has never met them.

She never will.

Here’s where I’m torn.

1. What is these “friends” are really 50 year old creepy men just pretending to be a kid?

2. How can you honestly be friends if you have never met?

3. Why can’t she be friends this easy with real life people?

I don’t want to take this away from her (okay, I think we all know who the she is now). I want her to socialize in any way, shape, or form she feels comfortable with. I truly do. I’m happy she has found a place in this world where she feels she belongs. That’s every parents dream. Isolated kids who never feel as though they belong do not turn out well as adults.

But I do worry about my above numbered concerns.

I don’t know what’s best.

I’ve always said you’ll know you were a good/bad parent based upon how much counseling your kids need once they’re an adult. I can’t figure out if it’s best that I let her continue with these “friends” or take them away and hope she doesn’t resent me forever.

And that’s today’s rock and hard spot.


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One response to “Hello rock, please meet hard spot.

  • farnanlm

    We come from a different generation where this was not an option, if we did, we may feel this is very normal. People when online feel more relaxed, they are not worried about what they look like, they can think about what they want to say or react without it being read on their face. I do think that is is making people have more social anxiety and losing the ability to communicate face to face and I also agree with the “how can these be friends if you have never met them”. It’s a hard spot, I deal with the same thing. My “friend” does the same thing in which I try to get through that they are not FRIENDS, they are online friends. I feel it is that teaching the different between reality and make beleive but with technology, that line has been blurred. Sorry I wasn’t more help

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