Who’s writing this nonsense?

I love giraffes, the color orange, dipping sauces, laughter, sunshine, hoodies, dancing, and books.

I hate mustard and mean people.

And liars, I really hate liars.

I have many different sides. Sometimes I’m a mom. Sometimes I’m a wife (update: no longer a wife!). Sometimes I’m a friend. Sometimes I’m just me. Every so often I play these key roles at once.

Half of me is highly predictable. The other half of me has no clue what’s happening. Put those two sides together and you get…. well ….me.

I’m unique, often anxious, beautifully tragic, sometimes spacey, always observing, and I have my own logic.

I look forward to the day I get to look back upon it all and see how it actually did make sense all along.

I seriously love my kids, so don’t mess with them, I’m the crazy kind of mom. The scary crazy kind.

Life is a rollercoaster, and I’m just a girl trying to enjoy the ride.


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