Compliments to myself.

For the month of January 2010, I am going to give myself 1 complement a day. Not just a positive thought, but an actual compliment. Maybe by the end of it I will sound cocky and conceited, but I’m hoping it will in fact help my self-esteem a little. Even just a tiny bit would help! Lol. I’m interested to see how challenging this is going to be. 2 days left……

Each time I come on here I am stumped. I think January isn’t a good month for this. I feel frumpy, fat (I know I know), ugly, and unmotivated to do anything about it thanks to the gloomy weather. I’m going to try for February.

Ok…here goes. Katie says February will be better. I can’t guarantee that is going to ring true. However, it has less days than the other months so that’s already a bonus.


2/1/10- Today while waiting for Sav’s doctor appointment I read Shel Silverstein poems to my kids. I did so in the waiting room, loud, and with fun voices. Regardless of the odd looks I couldn’t help but noticed directed towards me, my children love these moments. And so do I. So I compliment myself on being a silly, loud, fun mom when the rest of society around me tells me to be a cookie cutter.

2/2/10- I took Jax to the vet today. Of course they tried to make it a very expensive visit, I held my own against their money sucking ways and only spent $100. Which is fabulous in comparison to the roughly $300 they wanted me to pay today. Yeah…right. Lol. I love to barter. I love to negotiate. I seriously love to put sales persons in their place, I’m not one to try and put a fast one over when it comes to money. I worked retail. I’m smart. I know how this goes.

2/3/10- I liked my hair today. It dried perfectly the way I like it to.

2/4/10- I made Savannah feel wonderful and beautiful this morning. Both of which are true attributes for her anyway, I just hope she believes it.

Well…obviously I choked. Hahahaha. I’m soooo not good at this one. I’m so bad at looking at the mirror and seeing anything but negativity. I really need to though. Maybe I’ll try again in May. March won’t work cause my body is still not swim suit ready and my chin fat is making me insane. If you know me well enough you’ll know April is always a rough month for me. Maybe May will bring compliments. We will see. But for what it’s worth, I have lost about 8 pounds so that makes me happy!

Thanks for your patience on this one you fabulous fans! (aka Katie heeheehee). Muah!

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